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Beautiful UI/UX for your LCD screens.

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User-friendly, with your logo, links to your filament store, and your slicer presets.

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Let users access your 3D printers from the top rated 3DP mobile app.

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Make Your 3D Printer Line Easy To Use

By embedding AstroPrint software, your entire 3D printer line will connect to our cloud. Our cloud platform distributes content to your printers and syncs with our desktop software, mobile apps and touchscreen software.

Software is what allows the user to communicate with the printer and it’s the key to driving your 3D printer sales. Our software makes your printers super easy to use so you can sell to everyone, including non-technical users.

You can personalize our software with your branding. In addition, our software is modular and lets you create additional functionalities for your specific HW needs via plugins and apps.

Within days, you can integrate our software and ship your printers with it. Simply install our software in a Raspberry Pi and connect it to your printer controller via USB.

Astroprint frees you from the overhead of maintaining and upgrading your own software. We are always working on ways to improve our software so you can focus on what you do best: making amazing hardware.

OEM Dashboard

When you become one of our partners you’ll have access to your OEM Dashboard (check benefits) from where you can:

Optimize Slicer Presets

Optimize slicer settings

With a free manufacturer account, you can preset the optimal slicer (CURA / Slic3r) settings for all of your customers on AstroPrint. Your customers will have a simple slicing workflow and will never need to upgrade software/settings again.

Track Analytics

Track analytics

Learn from your users using our analytics and make your customer experience flawless by improving user settings and reducing failed prints.

Friendly Pricing

Minimize risk and save money with our flexible licensing structure

Low setup cost

Low Setup Costs

Building your own software stack takes a lot of time and money before you can even use it. That’s a huge risk for most companies. We have ready-to-use software and our setup fee starts at $500.

Pay as you go


Whether you're business is big or small, Astroprint is for you. Our solution starts at $10/printer (lifetime fee).

No termination fees

No Termination Fees

When you stop using Astroprint you stop paying. No hard feelings. The people who bought your printers will continue to enjoy AstroPrint.

What's Included

  • Touchscreen software for your LCD - with your logo and color theme
  • Desktop software - with your logo and filament links (when user clicks on your printer)
  • Hundreds of free designs from the Toy Maker app
  • Astroprint Mobile app
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Analytics
  • Second-level support
  • Software upgrades + continuous innovation

Need additional features? Contact us! You can build almost anything on top of what’s already in our platform.

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