AstroBox Gateway Software

For technical folks and tinkerers that want to build their own AstroBox. Simply install it on a Raspberry Pi, or buy one pre-installed, then watch the magic happen. Also, for Manufacturers and Enterprises, we offer integrations for custom hardware (i.e. non-RPi proprietary systems).

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Astrobox Gateway Software

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Head over to the AstroBox Gateway page to learn more about what this awesome software can do.
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Download the Software

On the Downloads page you can find the files and info you need. Reminder, this is for folks with some technical skillz.

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Check out the AstroBox Touch

If the AstroBox Gateway isn't for you, check out the AstroBox Touch. It's plug'n'play (no tech skillz needed) and includes a 3DP touchscreen.

AstroBox Touch

Who is AstroBox Gateway Software for?

Personal Use

You want an AstroBox, but you're kinda geeky and would rather source all the parts, flash the software, and assemble it yourself.

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Commercial Use

You own a 3D printing related company and are interested in using the software in a for-sale product.

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