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Your AstroPrint Cloud account (free) is where your 3D printing files, settings, print history, and more, get stored. You can then plug into that cloud from anywhere, via desktop software, mobile apps, web browsers, touchscreens, you name it!

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AstroPrint Cloud Features

Manage Printers from Any Device

No matter what devices you prefer, we have you covered. Unless you're still using flip phones and a Commodore 64, then you're beyond help. 😉

Print Queuing

Have you ever had more objects to print than printers? With Print Queuing it's a snap to organize your workflow!

Get Better Prints, w/ Less Hassle

With our cloud slicing engine, you can slice right from your phone and will always get the most up to date slicer settings for your printer.

API Access (for Developers)

We ❤️ developers! Learn how you can create your own applications on top of the AstroPrint API platform. Let's do amazing things together!

3D Printing App Marketplace

Use 3rd party apps on your 3D printer as easily as you use them on your smartphone!
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