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Enable print from web, cloud slicing, print queueing, and more.

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A Suite of APIs for 3D Printing

Cloud Slicing

Process designs through Cura, Slic3r, and others. Use pre-sets, customized settings, and post-processors.


Securely export, update, and import designs (STLs) and print files (GCODE/X3G).


Access user data (when they authorize your app): printers, printer settings, material settings, designs, print files, and more.


Monitor user's printer models, devices, designs, materials, successful/failed prints, and other activities.


3D => 2D rendering engine. Thumbnail generation, image generation.

Real-Time API

Securely maintain connection and monitor all activity on an authorized user's 3D printer. Start and stop prints, video stream, view printbed, and more.

What can you build with AstroPrint?

3D Print from the Web

Print From Web

Copy & Paste the AstroButton code to add a Print with AstroPrint button on your site. See How

3D Printing Integrations

Partner Integrations

Use our APIs to integrate your app or service with AstroPrint.

3D Printing Apps Everywhere

AstroPrint Apps

Release an app on the AstroPrint platform. Including AstroPrint Desktop, Mobile, and touchscreen.

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