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How AstroPrint Works

Three Simple Steps:

Step One

Sign up for an AstroPrint Cloud Account

Step Two

Connect an AstroBox to your 3D printer

Step Three

Use AstroPrint to manage your 3D printers, files, data, and more

The AstroPrint Platform

Manage your 3D printers and files from a single platform. Access your 3D printing workflow from web, desktop, and mobile apps.

Commercial Solutions For

3D Printer Manufacturers | Business | Enterprise

3D Printer Manufacturers

All the software you need to make smart 3D printers.

3D Printing Businesses

Increase the productivity of your 3D printer farm and scale your business.


Gain visibility into your AM processes. Share AM resources across facilities, operators, and departments.

Powering 3D Printers for everyone,
from Makers to Fortune 500 Companies.

Over 110,000 Users

From 130+ Countries

Over 1.9M Objects Printed