We are working hard to make AstroPrint compatible with every 3D printer in the universe!

Below is a list of KNOWN compatible 3D Printers. If your printer is not in the list, it’s likely still compatible. It just has not yet been officially verified. Use the Firmware Compatibility chart to verify compatibility.

If you are using AstroPrint with a 3D printer not yet on this list, please let us know so we can add it to the list!


Learn about how we define compatibility here.

Manufacturer Model Compatibility Verification
Airwolf3D All Models (Axiom, Evo, and older) AstroPrint Verified
Alunar M Series (M505, M506, M508, M518, M606, M608, M605) Not Verified
Alunar Q Series (Q200, Q300) Not Verified
Alunar R Series (R100, R150, R158, R200) Not Verified
Alunar D Series (D150, D160) Not Verified
Anet A Series (A3, A4, A5, A6, A8, A10 Not Verified
Anet E Series (E2, E10, E12, E16) Not Verified
Anycubic 4Max Pro Not Verified
Anycubic i3 Mega Community Verified
Anycubic Kossel Community Verified
Anycubic Chiron Community Verified
BCN3D R Not Verified
BCN3D Plus Not Verified
BCN3D Sigma & Sigmax Not Verified
BIBO BIBO2 (3D Printing only) Community Verified
Blocks All Models (One, Zero, One MKII) Not Verified
BQ Witbox 2 Not Verified
BQ Hephestos Series (Prusa i3, 2) Not Verified
Cetus3D MK3 Not Verified
CoLiDo All Models (2, 3, D1315, Compact, M2020, X3045) Not Verified
Copymaster 3D All Models (300, 400, 500) Community Verified
Creality 3D All Models (Ender 3, Ender 5, Ender 6, CR5, CR6-SE, CR10, CR20, CR-X, CR-3040, CR-4040) Not Verified
Dagoma All Models (Disco Ultimate, Disco Easy, Magis) Community Verified
Dinetik DT32 Manufacturer Verified
eMotionTech MicroDelta Rework Community Verified
Eryone Thinker SE Community Verified
Flashforge Original Creator Pro (FFCP) AstroPrint Verified
Formbot T Rex and Raptor Not Verified
Folgertech All Models (FT5, FT6, FT i3 Mega, Kossel 2020, Reprap 2020, Reprap Prusa i3) Manufacturer Verified
FLSUN All Models (Kossel Delta, F-1, C-1, Delta, A) Not Verified
gCreate All Models (GMax, GMax 2) Manufacturer Verified
Geetech Prusa i3 ProB, MeCreator2, A10, A20, A30 Not Verified
He3D All Models (K200, K280, Ei3) Not Verified
IMADE 3D All Models (JellyBOX, JellyBOX II) Manufacturer Verified
JGAurora Most Models (A1, A3, A5, A8, A9) Not Verified
Kodama Trinus Community Verified
Leapfrom Creatr 2014 Community Verified
Longer LK line Community Verified
Lulzbot All FDM Models (TAZ 4, TAZ 5, TAZ 6, TAZ Pro, Mini, Mini 2, all previous models) Community Verified
M3D Promega Series (Compound, K'tana) Not Verified
MakerBot Pre-Gen 5 (Replicator 2, Replicator, all prior models) Community Verified
Makerfarm Pegasus Community Verified
Makergear Most Models (M2, M3-ID, M3-SE) Community Verified
Monoprice Most Models (Maker Series: Select V2, Select Plus, Ultimate, Ultimate 2), Select Mini V2, and most other models. Community Verified
PowerSpec All Models (3D X, 3D Pro, 3D Pro 2, Ultra 3D, i3, i3 Plus, i3 Mini) Not Verified
PrintrBot All Models AstroPrint Verified
Prusa Research i3 => All Makes AstroPrint Verified
QIDI Tech Some models (Tech 1, X-One, X-One2) Community Verified
Raise3D N1, N2, N2 Plus Not Verified
ReliaBuilld3D All Models (5000, 5010, 5030, 5040, 5050) Community Verified
Renkforce All Models (RF100, RF500, RF1000, RF2000) Community Verified
RigidBot All Models Community Verified
Robo 3D Most models (R1, R1+, R2, C2) Not Verified
SeeMeCNC All Models (Artemis, BOSSDelta, Rostock Max, H2, Eris, Orion) Not Verified
TEVO All Models (Tarantula, Black Widow, Little Monster, Tornado, Michelangelo, Flash) Not Verified
Tinyboy Tinyboy 2 Not Verified
Tronxy All Models - X Series - All (X1, X3, X5, X6 X8, XY2, XY3), C Series - Both (C2 and C5), P802 Series Not Verified
Two Tress Sapphire plus - Others possible too but not reported Community Verified
Ultimaker Open Models are Compatible (Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 1) AstroPrint Verified
Wanhao Most Models (i3, 4, 5, 6, 9) Not Verified
Vertex All Models (K8200, Vertex, Nano, Delta) Not Verified
Voxelab Aquilla Community Verified
3D Modular Systems All Models (Scalar Series) Not Verified


If your 3D Printer is running compatible firmware, it is extremely likely to be compatible with AstroPrint.

Firmware Compatibility
Repetier Firmware

NOTE: For sophisticated OEMs running proprietary firmware, AstroPrint can become compatible. This just takes a bit of additional software development. Please contact our [Manufacturer Sales Team] to learn more about integrating your proprietary 3D Printer firmware.


If your printer is in this list, PLEASE REACH OUT TO THE COMPANY THAT MAKES YOUR PRINTER. Tell them you want them to open their printers to being compatible with AstroPrint! Using public communication channels such as Twitter and Forums is always best, but sending them an email or calling the company is great as well.

If enough people request for them to open their system to AstroPrint, they will.

Learn more about why some 3D Printers are incompatible here.

Manufacturer Model Compatibility
Ultimaker Ultimaker 3 and Ultimaker 5S are CLOSED
afinia All Models
BQ Witbox Go! (Other Witbox printers are compatible)
Cetus3D MK1, MK2. (The MK3 is compatible)
Dremel All Models (3D20, 3D40, 3D45)
Flashforge All models EXCEPT Creator Pro (Dreamer, Inventor, Guider, Finder, FFCP 2)
M3D Micro. (Other M3D printers are compatible)
MakerBot 5th Gen and Newer
XYZ Printing All Models