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Who Uses AstroPrint?

People that Love 3D Printing

Give your 3D Printer superpowers!
Print and monitor from anywhere, with any device.
Desktop Software, Mobile Apps, Touchscreens, and more.

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3D Printer Manufacturers

Samsung puts Android on their phones. HP puts Windows on their computers. You should put AstroPrint on your printers! You’re great at hardware, so focus on that, while we take care of the software. :-)

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Why AstroPrint?

Ridiculously Easy to Use

AstroPrint is for everyone, from the uber technical engineer to kids that just want to print toys, and everyone in between.

Powerful 3DP Features

Wanna do something with your 3D printer? We have you covered. Wireless printing, print from webpages & apps, cloud slicing, print queuing, video monitoring, analytics, and more.

Works with all your Devices

Start, stop, and monitor prints right from your phone, tablet, or computer. Sync printable files across devices, and more.


With an AstroBox your printer can FINALLY communicate with Mobile Apps, Desktop Software, Web Portals, and more.

The AstroBox Touch is our most popular AstroBox model. It's a simple, intuitive, cloud-connected touchscreen for your 3D Printer. Yes, you can even extend it's capabilities by installing 3D Printing related apps on it, just like your smartphone!

For DIY folks, we offer the AstroBox Gateway and AstroBox Gateway Software (installs on a Raspberry Pi).

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AstroPrint Desktop Software

AstroPrint Desktop software takes 3D printer management to the H.N.L. ('hole 'nother level)!

With a mix of offline and cloud-connected features, managing your 3D Printer has never been easier.

Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

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AstroPrint Mobile Apps iOS Android

Annoy your friends by constantly using your phone to:

  • Show them live-monitoring updates of all your printers.
  • Get notifications about your active prints, like a boss.
  • Show them how you can start and stop prints, from anywhere.
  • Print from model repositories like Thingiverse.
  • Explain the concept of Cloud Slicing, even if they don't care.


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AstroPrint Cloud

There is nothing wrong with having a cloud as a friend. -Bob Ross (kinda)

Your AstroPrint Cloud account (totally free) is where your 3D printing files, settings, print history, and more, get stored.

You can then plug into that cloud from anywhere, via desktop software, mobile apps, web browsers, you name it!

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