The AstroBox

Print wirelessly, connect your 3D Printer to your phone, and install 3rd party apps on your printer. Our mission is to make 3D printing incredibly simple. Just plug the AstroBox into your 3D Printer and you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to print.

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For Tinkerers and Makers, we offer the AstroBox Gateway Kit. For everyone else, we offer the AstroBox Touch. If you aren’t sure which one is right for you, we recommend the Touch as it is easier to get started and is more expandable with Apps/Plugins.

AstroBox Gateway AstroBox Touch
Gorgeous Yes Yes
For Tech Savvy Folks Everyone
Requires Assembly Yes No
Touchscreen No (Browser based) 3.5"
Setup Wizard Via Hotspot On Screen
Software AstroBox Gateway AstroBox Touch
Developer Friendly Kinda For Sure
3DP App Store No Yes
Option to Make Your Own Yes (Get the Software) Yes (Purchase)
Compatibility Click Here Click Here
Software Updates Auto Auto
Video Streaming Yes Yes
Remote Monitoring Yes Yes
Camera Compatibility (Linux) Yes Yes
Wireless Printing Yes Yes
Local Network & Online Yes Yes
Connects to AstroPrint
Desktop Software Yes Yes
Mobile Apps Yes Yes
Web Portal Yes Yes
Get on Board
Learn More Learn More Learn More
Commercial Use / Reselling Contact Us

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AstroBox Gateway

For tinkerers and makers that want to cloud-connect their 3D printers.

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AstroBox Touch

For anyone that wants a simple, powerful touchscreen that is wireless, cloud connected, and infinitely extensible with apps.

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