AstroBox Gateway RPI3 kit

The AstroBox Gateway Kit

Make your 3D printer wireless and cloud connected.
For tech savvy folks that want to upgrade their printers. If you're not a tech tinkerer, the AstroBox Touch is likely what you're looking for. ­čśť

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How Does It Work?

The AstroBox is a Raspberry Pi powered addon for your 3D Printer. Simply plug it into your printer via USB and enjoy the benefits of a wireless, cloud connected printer that will make 3D Printing even easier! Control your printer from any web enabled device and even monitor your 3D printer from anywhere!

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Remote Monitoring

See the progress of your prints from anywhere in the world. Add a (linux compatible) usb camera and stream live video, take snapshots, and timelapses.

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Works with Any Device

Manage your printer from any device through a beautifully simple, intuitive interface. Connect to your AstroBox to control your printer via Mobile App (iOS/Android), Desktop Software, or web browser (such as Chrome).

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Print Wirelessly

No more pesky cables or SD cards. With a free AstroPrint Cloud account, print wirelessly from anywhere around the world.

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How to Get an AstroBox Gateway

(Not sure if you need an AstroBox Gateway, or an AstroBox Touch? Compare them here.)

The Easy Way

Buy our AstroBox kit!
It's everything you need. Some assembly required.

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The Geeky Way

Make one yourself.
For the engineer-types that just have to do it themselves. ;-)

Make Your Own