3 AstroBox Touches

AstroBox Touch Features

🌈 😻 🌈

Just like you.

🖨️ 👀 🌎
Remote Monitoring

Monitor prints from afar.

🚫 🔌 🙌
Wireless 3D Printing

Unplugging is cool now... Give it a shot!

🖥️ 🌥️ 📱
Syncs with ...

Use whatever device you want to manage your 3D printers.

🆒 ➡️ 🖨️
Infinitely Extendible

Install apps on your printer as easily as you do on your phone.

👴 📺
3.5" Touchscreen

Does your 3D printer have a 1980's blue LED screen? You really should update that...

🏡 or 🌎
Local Network and Online

Connect the AstroBox online to access it from ANYWHERE, or just use it on your local network if you prefer.

📷 ✌️ 😌
Camera Compatibility

Connect any Linux compatible USB camera.

🔌 + 🤽‍
Plug and Play

It's just that easy.

AstroBox Touch Sneak Peek